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Gain Bigwaves for storing, trading and investing for more profit. It’s easy and secure.
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Become part of Big Waves – a fast growing project of crypto world. Investing was never easier with multiple coin. Gain big profit for long term with Big Waves’s investment plan.

In 2017 we partnered with Deloitte to launch the development of a legal framework for wider adoption of blockchain technologies.
Enjoy the benefits of high network throughput capacity, low latency and low transaction fees.
Store assets securely in the local lite client, whilst also trading them quickly and safely on the built-in decentralised exchange (DEX).
Issue your own blockchain token to give your business a head start - whatever your needs: crowdfunding, loyalty programs, voting and more.

The Client

The current version of the client is a wallet, decentralised exchange (DEX), and a tool to release tokens.


Your funds are stored in a blockchain address that only you control. You are the only person who can access your crypto assets.
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Take advantage of our platform’s outstanding security
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Receive interest on your Waves account balance
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Transfer funds from person to person
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Start mining — it’s easy with Waves
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Create a multiple-currency wallet
Decentralised Exchange
Trade without limits
There are no limits on withdrawals, and any cryptocurrency purchased immediately appears in your wallet’s balance.
Trade quickly and safely
A centralised matcher and high channel capacity allow you to make deals as quickly as on a centralised exchange, but without the risk of losing your money.
Don’t waste money on high commission fees
Our exchange has a small fixed commission on a per-order basis.
Never worry about the safety of your assets
Funds are kept in your wallet, not on the exchange.

Planned Features

Winter–Spring 2018
  • Smart contracts (non-turing)
  • Hardware wallets, shapeshift
  • Mobile apps update
  • Decentralized voting
  • Simple messaging
Spring–Summer 2018
  • Atomic swap
  • Voting (front-end)
Summer-Fall 2018
  • Messaging, off-chain, front-end
Fall-Winter 2018
  • Lite-client
  • Turing complete smart contracts
Waves & Big Waves brings together blockchain enthusiasts, project founders from many different sectors, traders, investors

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We do more than just develop the technical aspects of the platform: we also participate actively in integrating blockchain into real-world applications to grow the crypto economy.